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5 Unique Way Scatter Your Loved One's Remains

Jun 3, 2015 7:29:00 AM / by Jeff Friedman

Jeff Friedman


Returning your loved one's remains to a favorite tropical vacation spot or quiet mountain stream brings a special kind of closure to this difficult time in your life. Envisioning the return of a beloved family member to a place that once brought the person happiness is a therapeutic and healthy way of coping with loss. Here are some of our favorite places to scatter ashes that are more personal than a graveyard:


1. At Sea

If your loved one always loved the ocean, consider holding a funeral on a boat. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, you may scatter cremated remains at sea, so long as you're at least three miles off-shore and you report the burial in writing to the EPA within 30 days of the ceremony.


2. In Lakes, Streams and Rivers

For the nature lover in your life, the scattering of remains in a local stream, lake or pond is another viable option. While funeral laws vary locally, some states, such as Texas, have pretty lenient laws in regards to scattering. In Texas, grieving family members have free rein to scatter cremated remains in waterways.

3. On Private Property

Scattering cremated remains on private property is at the sole discretion of the property owner. As long as you've asked for and received permission, you're free to scatter off scenic overlooks or along favorite mountain trails.

4. Overseas

Scattering the remains of someone you loved in a foreign country doesn't need to be any more tricky than it does scattering close to home. There is a general "don't ask, don't tell" rule that applies here. While there may be individual laws in place, it's extremely rare for a family to face any sort of charges from the scattering of cremated ashes.

5. Thinking Outside the Urn

Thanks to advancing technology, it's now possible to send small portions of your loved one's remains into space or transform them into a coral reef. Cremated remains can even be incorporated into jewelry, pottery, or oil paintings. If your loved one was the adventurous sort, he or she might appreciate these unqiue options.



The dispersing of a loved one's remains should bring closure and comfort to those left behind. However you choose to commemorate a life, we are there to help.


To learn about other unique funeral options, contact a funeral director today!

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Jeff Friedman

Written by Jeff Friedman

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