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A Lesson From Lady Gaga

Mar 1, 2017 2:45:00 PM / by Samantha Rosenberg

Samantha Rosenberg

With her Grammy collaboration with Metallica and the most watched Superbowl halftime show in historyLady Gaga is the biggest name in pop culture right now. This superstar has become iconic in music, fashion, and social activism through a simple and effective strategy: look to the future, but don't forget your past. This philosophy has set Lady Gaga far above her peers, and we think that the funeral industry should probably take a hint from Mother Monster's playbook.
Look to the Future:
From the infamous meat dress to her short film-style music videos, Lady Gaga is not afraid to challenge industry standards. Through thoughtful, yet wild experimentation, Lady Gaga is setting the new norms for what it means to be a celebrity. At Distinctive Life, we want to change what it means to be a funeral home. Unlike traditional funeral homes, we will never back down from a challenge. Our funeral directors understand that personalization is the key to great customer service. So no matter how big and crazy you want your celebration of life, we will handle every detail. 
Remember Your Past:
Although Lady Gaga shot into superstardom by setting trends, her staying power comes from her strong foundation in the classics. A graduate of the Musical Theater Conservatory at NYU, Lady Gaga received a traditional arts education. Her continuing appreciation for the classics has spanned her professional career; taking notes from other legends like Madonna, Freddie Mercury, and even Tony Bennett. At Distinctive Life, we understand that traditions have lasted the test of time for a reason. We love the meaningful and rich history of veteran and religious burials. Just like Lady Gaga, we know that these classics are what will make us an icon and not just a one-hit wonderful. 
Whether it be music, fashion, or funerals, looking to the future, but remembering your past is the best way to keep up with a constantly evolving industry. 
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Samantha Rosenberg

Written by Samantha Rosenberg