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Choosing the Perfect Urn

May 13, 2015 7:25:00 AM / by D. Life

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At Distinctive Life Cremations & Funerals, we understand that  choosing a cremation urn or memorial keepsake can be an emotional experience. That is why we recommend making urn arrangements in advance. Picking our your own urn in advance ensures that you will get what you want, that the urn ready for display at the memorial service, and saves grieving family members the task of doing it.


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Cremation Urns and Keepsakes As Unique as Your Loved One.

Options for memorialization have increased as cremation has become increasingly popular. That means creating an urn or memorial keepsake that reflects your loved one has never been easier! At Distinctive Life, we proudly offer customized urns to memorialize loved ones in a way that reflects who they were and what they loved.

This might means representing a favorite sports team, a classic car, or military service. The urn can represent a hobby like boating, dancing, or gardening. You can choose from a variety of styles made from ceramic, wood, brass, marble, or biodegradable materials to fit your preference and budget. Whether the idea comes from a photograph, sketch, or just your imagination, we can create it.

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