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Coping with the Five Stages of Loss and Grief

Feb 8, 2017 12:08:26 PM / by D. Life

D. Life


  1. Denial
  • Many find the world meaningless and underwhelming.
  • State of shock from loss sets in.
  1. Anger
  • Anger shows no limits, regardless of relationship of connection to others.
  • Allowing oneself to feel anger will make it dissipate faster.
  1. Bargaining
  • Also known as a truce.
  •  Full of “if only…” and “what if…” statements.
  • Involved finding a way to deal with the pain of loss in order to not feel it anymore.
  1. Depression
  • Painful feelings begin to manifest in the present.
  • Grief sinks in at a deeper level.
  • Many withdraw from places, people, and the things they used to love.
  1. Acceptance
  • A feeling of “all right” or “ok” is not reached.
  • True needs begin to surface, which drive new relationships.
  • The realization that the past can’t be maintained and a new sense of purpose takes root.

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D. Life

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