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Cremation vs Burial: Which One Is Right for Your Loved One?

Jun 8, 2017 2:58:14 PM / by Leah Vargas

Leah Vargas



Some families are fine with the thought of having a loved one's body cremated. Others find the idea uncomfortable. Whether you decide to bury a loved one's remains or have their ashes enclosed in an urn should be based upon your loved one's final wishes. If you're unsure of how he or she wants to be remembered, you should consider the pros and cons of both burial and cremation:

Cremation Is More Economical

Having a loved one's remains cremated is typically much less expensive than burial. Direct cremation cuts out the cost of embalming, opening the grave, purchasing casket, getting a grave plot, and buying a graveliner. If budget is an issue, talk to Distinctive Life Cremations and Funerals about having a cremation funeral service. 

Burial May Be More Fitting With Your Religion

Depending upon your religion, burial may be a more suitable tradition than cremation. Many Christians feel that burial is more fitting because it symbolizes the internment and resurrection of Christ. Other religions, however, such as Hinduism, have always accepted cremation as a suitable way to send a loved one into the next world.

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Cremated Remains Are Easier to Transport

When a loved one dies far from home, such as in another country, having them cremated may be the easiest way of bringing them home. Cremated remains are much more portable and many states have no laws regarding the scattering of ashes.

Burial May Be More Ceremonial

While it's possible to plan a detailed cremation funeral service, most burial ceremonies are more in-depth. Burials may include a viewing, a visitation, and a graveside service, while it's often standard for a cremation service to just have visitation with the family.

Regardless of how you decide to lay your loved one to rest, Distinctive Life Cremations and Funerals has the option that's right for you. Contact us today.

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Leah Vargas

Written by Leah Vargas