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Funeral Etiquette 101

Nov 3, 2015 6:00:00 PM / by Jeff Friedman

Jeff Friedman




Funerals and Memorial services are never easy. However, when you follow these simple rules of  etiquette, you'll make things that much easier on yourself and on those around you.

Dress Appropriately: The rules for funeral attire are nowhere near as strict as they used to be. There's no need to clothe yourself in the blackest black. However, you should sitll dress appropriately, especially for the weather. For example, take a jacket if you're attending a graveside service in cool weather. Also, remember that you're attending a memorial service, not a fashion show. Dress conservatively and comfortably, so that you don't distract from the service. 

Turn Your Cell Phone Off: It may be necessary to take your phone along, but make sure you turn it off during the funeral service. Few things are more disconcerting than having to dig for your phone during the eulogy because your ringtone has just disrupted the whole service.

Offer Condolences: Offering condolences to the family is typically the most difficult part of attending a memorial service. Finding the courage to approach someone who's mourning is never easy, but it's necessary to let them know that you're thinking of them during this trying time. If you're not sure how to act when you get there, let the family set the pace. A simple handshake, a hug, or an, "I'm sorry," may suffice, but if the mourning family shares their grief with you in  detail, be open and compassionate enough to listen.

Send Cards or Flowers: Unless the family has expressed otherwise, it's always appropriate to send a floral arrangement or card to the family. If sending a card,  there's no need to go into great detail, but do let the family know you're available if needed.

Learning how to follow proper etiquette when attending funerals and cremation services makes things easier on everyone who attends. If you have questions about attending a service at Distinctive Life Cremations and Funerals, contact us today.

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Jeff Friedman

Written by Jeff Friedman

Founder of Distinctive Life