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Le Bon Temps Roulé

Apr 7, 2016 9:30:00 AM / by Samantha Rosenberg

Samantha Rosenberg



Who says a funeral can’t have a little le bon temps roulé?

In New Orleans, locals are known for celebrating from the day they are born, until the day they pass. The New Orleans jazz funeral has been a longstanding tradition in the Crescent City for over 200 years. The jazz funeral is part funeral procession and part Mardi Gras parade. In the first half of the funeral, family, friends and a community brass band march from the home to the burial site, singing hymns and playing dirges. However, once the body is buried and the loved one’s soul is left to rest, the funeral party begins to celebrate the life of the decreased; dancing in the streets, playing popular brass songs and getting in the le bon temps roulé, or "letting the good times roll," spirit. The second part of the funeral acts as catharsis for the funeral party and often attracts onlookers, who join simply to take part in the fun. Needless to say, beer and hurricanes are essentials for a proper New Orleans jazz funeral.

The HBO series Tremé does an excellent depiction of the New Orleans Jazz Funeral, which you can watch here, or for the real thing, watch here.


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Samantha Rosenberg

Written by Samantha Rosenberg