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Plan a Funeral, Take a Trip!

Apr 6, 2016 10:36:59 AM / by Leah Vargas

Leah Vargas



We have destination weddings to celebrate love and life. Who says we can’t do the same for a funeral? Destination funerals are becoming increasingly mainstream as an alternative to the traditional church or home service. 

A particular destination funeral we love is the Hawaiian Sea Burial. A native Hawaiian tradition, the deceased’s ashes and family members board a small outrigger canoe and sail out to sea to spread the ashes into the ocean. The burial party either watches along shore or rides along the canoe on surfboards; throwing leis into the water as they ride. Mourners then pay their respects to the deceased and the earth out on open water. You can watch a few videos of Hawaiian Sea Burials showcasing how the ocean truly transforms the traditional somber funeral experience into something absolutely magical here and here.




It is obvious how much Hawaiians incorporate respect for nature into their lives, and of course, their memorial traditions reflect this respect. We love that the ocean funeral not only celebrates one person’s life, but also celebrates the Hawaiian way of life as a whole.


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Leah Vargas

Written by Leah Vargas