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The Benefits of Preplanning Your Funeral

Jan 24, 2017 9:34:16 AM / by D. Life

D. Life


Emotional, Psychological and Social Benefits

  • Reduces stress and anxiety during a difficult time.
  • Eliminates any potential family drama or disagreements that could arise during planning.

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Personal Benefits

  • You know exactly what you’re getting.
  • Your funeral will be exactly how yow you want it. 

Financial Benefits

  • Preplanning locks in the funeral price at today’s costs so that it will not be affected by inflation.
  • The money you pay upfront for a preplanned funeral won’t be counted as an asset when qualifying for Medicaid.
  • Your family won’t be stuck with finding the money to pay for your funeral.

For more information about the benefits of preplanning,  download this infographic.

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D. Life

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