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Things to Consider Before Choosing Cremation

Feb 16, 2016 5:16:38 AM / by austin


3 Things You Should Know Before Choosing Cremation.

  1. Cremation is permanent. Once the process is complete, all DNA is destroyed. We recommend a DNA memorial to keep your loved one’s DNA safe for future testing. DNA Memorial provides your familya variety 
of DNA banking options, along with custom jewelry and portraits.
  2. Once cremated remains are scattered, there is no getting them back. Should you choose, there are a variety of ways you can keep a small amount of remains. Contact a funeral director today to help you go over these options.
  3. In Texas, you must wait 48 hours. The State of Texas requires the funeral home to wait 48 hours from the time of death before the cremation can take place. Texas also requires a signed Death Certificate before the cremation permit can be issued. 

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Once you have decided that cremation is the right choice for you and your family, here are some additional items you should consider:

  • Where will your loved one be scattered? Will you choose a niche at the local cemetery, or prehaps a tree at a nearby park?
  • Will you want to hold a traditional wake or viewing of your loved one ? This is something that must be done before the cremation is complete and can be done in a private viewing or a public service.
  • Will you want to have a funeral service? A traditional service includes your loved one present in a casket before creamtion. A less traditional funeral service includes the urn displayed after the cremation has taken place.  You can also have a  memorial service, which is a service without the presence of the physical body.

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