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The Price of Choosing Cremation Over Traditional Burial

May 29, 2015 8:30:00 AM / by demouser




More and more people are requesting to be cremated instead of having their remains buried in a casket. The number of cremations performed in the United States alone has tripled in the last four decades, lending credence to the rising popularity of this cheaper and quicker funerary alternative. Cremation services now outnumber burials and show no signs of slowing. Before long, conventional funerals may be the minority.


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This increase is due in large part to the affordability and flexibility of cremation. Considering the fact that the average burial service can cost upward of a few thousand dollars, it is completely understandable for people are seeking a cheaper alternative. For those who are struggling financially, cremation is a great way to avoid putting loved ones in further economic straits.

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Written by demouser